NEAR India Accelerator: Get up to $200k in funding!

Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs to Scale and Grow their Ventures (India)

Launch-n-Zoom supported by NIDHI Seed Support and our corporate partners is a three-month accelerator program with a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to scale and grow their ventures with the help of our mentors, industry experts, and corporate partners. We as a team, will try and tailor the program to your unique needs and help in your venture’s growth.

What does startup get?

  • Market Validation: If you qualify for this program, it means that your innovation has a significant market relevance since it aligns with the innovation needs as defined by their corporate partners who have rich experience and are aware of the current trends in the market. Startups may get pilot opportunity with their corporate partner.
  • Funding: As part of graduation, IIMUIC can invest up to INR 20 lakhs in some of the qualifying ventures. As part of this program, they will also present your story to their investment partners for their consideration to co-invest with IIMUIC (If you have received seed fund from a similar government scheme, IIMUIC cannot make seed investment in your venture).
  • Network: IIMUIC has one of the best networks of industry leaders, investors, mentors, and subject matter experts. It’s a great opportunity to learn from such experts most of whom have been on a similar journey and have been successful. You’ll be working with other startup founders who are all at a similar stage like you. Working with a similar cohort and experiencing and solving similar challenges will make this program a great experience.
  • Mentorship: Relevant tailored mentoring on areas relevant to your needs like GTM, technology, customer acquisition etc offered through their corporate partners, their mentors and investor partners.
  • Industry partnership: IIMUIC has partnered with PI Industries Ltd and Fidelity Investments so that their experts can help with technology support, an environment to develop and test your prototypes, develop go to market strategies and explore probable opportunities within their customer base. This partnership will also allow their corporate partners explore strategic partnerships with participating ventures and further enhance your investment oppurtunities.
  • Incubation Support: IIMUIC provides co-working spaces all with all the facilities required to run your business seamlessly. They provide business mentoring, legal and accounting support, technical support and labs for rapid prototyping—plus other credits and perks such as AWS, Zoho credits, Razor pay credits etc.

Who are we looking for?

  • They invite technology-backed startups (pre-seed, seed, and growth stage) offering solutions to tackle challenges in the agritech and fintech sector.

Deadline: 27 Sept, 2021

To apply visit here

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