Apply to be part of the Harvest Program today! (Australia)

Apply to be part of the Harvest Program today! (Australia)

What is the Harvest Program?

The purpose of this 5-month program is to equip high-potential agrifood businesses with the capabilities they need to scale into national and international markets, deliver transformational growth to their industry, and maximize their social and economic contribution through jobs and revenue.

Program participants will learn through the delivery of high-quality programming combined with tailored support to meet the specific needs of agrifood tech and innovation ventures.

The graduation of each Farmers2Founders Harvest Cohort will contribute to a critical mass of curious and collaborative founders, moving Australia’s Agrifood industry forward, and contributing to a thriving regional Australia.

Program overview

The Harvest Program is structured over a 5 month period and is divided into three key stages as follows:

  • Stage One: Deep Dive (1 month): F2F will undertake a 90-minute Deep Dive with each participating team and will provide initial feedback on their pitch deck and proposed scaleup plan.  They will then be provided with access to a two-week self-paced online program and a follow-on coaching session.  They will be required to update their pitch deck based on the feedback prior to moving to next stage.
  • Stage Two: Bootcamp Intensive (1 month): COVID permitting, participants will participate in a 4-day in-person bootcamp intensive where they will work with a team of coaches and mentors to refine their scaleup objectives.  This component will switch to virtual over 2 weeks if face-to-face is not possible. This will be followed by three one-on-one coaching sessions over the next month and a mini pitch event prior to moving to next stage. Please note only successful businesses from the pitch will be able to proceed to Stage three.
  • Stage Three: Executing the Growth Plan (3 months): The final three months of the program will include the development of a customised growth plan and engagement by participants in a range of activities including: Program sprints, interactive group sessions, comprehensive resources and tools and online self-paced learning modules.

Who should apply?

The Farmers2Founders Harvest program is for agrifood tech or innovative food and beverage businesses who are looking for resources and support to scale your business and accelerate your growth.

Typically, your business will:

  • Have developed their idea to at least working prototype stage
  • Have evidence of demand with high growth potential – must be able to demonstrate that they are working to solve a real problem for their customers (could be producers for agtech or consumers for foodtech and value-adding)
  • Be aware of the skills and capabilities they need and have started to build their high performing team
  • Have a clear path to profitability
  • Be preparing to acquire new customers through new channels and markets

 Importantly, while business founders don’t need to be primary producers, they must be able to clearly demonstrate how the success of their business will contribute to Australia’s Agrifood industry at the producer level.

Preferably they should be able to demonstrate how they are engaging directly with producers in their business growth strategy. This could be via:

  • Producer as co-founder
  • Producer as member of an Advisory Board
  • Producer as an investor
  • Producer as strategic customer or early adopter eg engaged in trials
  • Producer as a direct value chain partner (for a value-adding business) where the producer shares in the increased value created

 Farmers2Founders will assist business founders who have not yet developed these relationships with producers to develop appropriate strategies to do so.

Deadline: 8 Oct 2021

To apply visit here

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