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Call for the financing of mobility of Italian start-ups in Israel

A selection procedure has been launched for the financing of the mobility of Italian start-ups in Israel on the basis of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Industrial, Scientific and Technological Research and Development between Italy and Israel.

As part of the activities envisaged by the Cooperation Agreement in the field of Industrial, Scientific and Technological Research and Development between Italy and Israel, the Embassy of Italy in Israel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the International Cooperation, intends to advertise with this announcement a mobility facilitation program in Israel of Italian start-ups entitled “Accelerate in Israel 3rd Edition”.

The program will be implemented together with the ICE Agency, with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Centre, with the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with accelerators Israelis


  • The call aims to promote the international growth of Italian start-ups interested in developing their business plan in the innovation eco-system through a period of acceleration in Israel.
  • Mobility will be facilitated for 10 weeks with an equal flat-rate loan to 12,000 Euros for start-ups. The loan is intended as a non-repayable contribution for the services offered by the accelerator and for the expenses related to the period to be spent in Israel.
  • Compatibly with the restrictions in force for the fight against Coronavirus, the program will start in January 2022 at a date to be announced by the party of the Embassy of Italy in Israel to selected start-ups.
  • Funding will be granted on the basis of an evaluation and selection of subjects participating in the call in compliance with the laws, regulations and procedures in force.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Italian start-ups can submit an application to participate of the closing of the call are registered in the special register c / o le Chamber of Commerce with the mandatory requirements established by current legislation, on the basis of Legislative Decree 18179 of October 2012, converted with amendments by Law no. 221 and taking into account the Legislative Decree 19 May 2020, n. 34.
  • Start-ups will be admitted to the selection which at the date of signing the application form will demonstrate that they have completed at least one first round investment.
  • The start-ups referred to in paragraph 2.1 must:
    • possess a situation of regularity of contributions as regards the correctness in payments and in social security and welfare obligations and insurance;
    • not be among those who have received, and subsequently not reimbursed or deposited in a blocked account, aid declared illegal or incompatible by the European Commission;
    • be in the full and free exercise of their rights, not be in liquidation voluntary and not be subjected to bankruptcy proceedings;
    • be in compliance with the provisions in force on tax matters, state aid, building and urban planning, labor, accident prevention regulations environmental protection;
    • not be classifiable as enterprises in difficulty as defined by the Community Guidelines on State Aid for the rescue and the restructuring of companies in difficulty and in particular on the basis of the definition n. 18 of art. 2, of Reg. (EU) n. 651/2014;
    • not having been the recipients of total revocation measures for concessions public, with the exception of those resulting from waivers;
    • to have returned benefits enjoyed for which an order of recovery;
    • not to incur one of the reasons for exclusion indicated in art. 80 of Legislative Decree no. 50 of 18/4/2016;
    • not be in a position of non-payment towards the proposing subject announcement.
  • The possession of the above requirements must be effective on the date of the signing of the application form.

Applications Close: October 22, 2021.

To apply visit here

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