Indian Healthcare Innovation Challenge: Don't miss this!

Indian Healthcare Innovation Challenge: Don’t miss this!

The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre is a tripartite collaboration between the Swedish Trade Commissioner’s Office, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS Delhi), and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur (AIIMS Jodhpur), with active participation from ICMR, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare – India, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs – Sweden, Startup India, AstraZeneca, and Nasscom.

The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre acts as a growth catalyst for startups through clinical validation, cross-country mentorship, networking, funding access, and international expansion.

Join them to address these healthcare challenges for creating a greater impact across the country and beyond.

Themes for Challenges

  • Med-Tech;
  • Digital Tools/ Platforms;
  • Point of Care Devices;
  • Home Healthcare;
  • Tele-Medicine;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Patient Awareness;
  • Disease Prevention;
  • Early Diagnosis;
  • Treatment;
  • Disease Management;
  • Patient Follow-up;
  • Education & Digital Learning.

Incentives of Indian Healthcare Innovation Challenge

  • Rapid scale-up by enabling clinical validation through hospitals as a test bed and deployment at pilot projects
  • Mentoring by a network of mentors with rich and diverse experience such as AIIMS Jodhpur, AIIMS Delhi, AstraZeneca and Business Sweden, who work closely with the start-ups to support them in their growth by sharing their valuable knowledge, and by connecting them with opportunities in the industry
  • Fuel international expansion and collaboration by acting as a gateway to connect to the international markets through a wide network of partners
  • High level visibility to showcase your innovation to distinguished industry leaders, policy makers and healthcare providers through conferences and digital showcase
  • Interact and pitch your innovations to the VCs to attract investments;
  • Incubation space at AIIMS Jodhpur to co-create and refine the solution along with access to laboratories

Eligibility Criteria

This Innovation Challenge is open to startups, students, individuals, entrepreneurs and SMEs who are solving healthcare challenges in India through innovative technologies and business models.

They are looking for solutions that address the problem statement and demonstrate some of the criteria:

  • Affordable;
  • Accessible;
  • Scalable;
  • Frugal;
  • Innovative and unique.

Procedure Post Submission

  • All submitted applications will be screened on completion and relevance to arrive at the shortlist
  • Shortlisted start-ups will be invited and evaluated through one-to-one pitch sessions with the committee to arrive at the Finalists
  • Finalists will be going through another round of evaluation with the panel of experts to arrive at the winners.

Applications Deadline: 10th October 2021

To apply visit here

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