Innovation Accelerator: 2022 Intake Call for Applications

Innovation Accelerator: 2022 Intake Call for Applications

The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is an award-winning NHS England and NHS Improvement initiative, delivered in partnership with all 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and hosted at UCLPartners.

The NIA aims to appoint dedicated individuals representing compelling innovations that have already demonstrated positive impact in practice, combined with a convincing, well-considered plan for how you will scale your innovation for greater patient and NHS benefit. The selection process is equally on both the applicant and their innovation, as demonstrated through the information provided in the application form. The focus of the NIA on evidence-based innovations at their transition to scale across the health service is specifically because of the identified gap in support for innovations at this stage of innovation maturity.

  • Ideation: Developing and analysing the development problem and generating potential solutions through horizon scanning of existing and new ideas.
  • Research and Development: Further developing specific innovations that have potential to address the problem.
  • Proof of concept: When the intellectual concept behind an innovation is field tested to gain an early, ‘real world’ assessment of its potential.
  • Transition to scale: When innovations that have demonstrated small-scale success develop their model and attract partners to help fill gaps in their capacity to scale.
  • Scaling: The process of replicating and/ or adapting an innovation across large geographies and populations for transformational impact.
  • Sustainable scaling: Wide scale adoption of an innovation at the desired level of scale/ exponential growth, sustained by an ecosystem of actors.

Available Funding

  • Access to a bursary of up to £20,000 that can be used to support the scaling of your innovation and for travel and subsistence for your participation at NIA events. For clinical applicants the bursary can, with agreement, also be used to backfill clinical commitments.

What are they looking for in your innovation?

  • It is essential that applicants clearly describe and demonstrate how their innovations respond to one of this year’s Call Themes. The themes were selected following consultation with stakeholders including NHS staff, AHSNs, patient and public representatives and charities. The themes are:
    • Prevention or treatment programmes for those at greatest risk of poor health outcomes, supporting equity of access, experience, or outcomes; and be targeted at one of the following:
      • Individuals from black and minority ethnic communities.
      • Individuals living in the bottom income quintile.
      • Individuals with a learning disability.
      • Individuals with autism.
      • Individuals with a serious mental illness (SMI).
      • Individuals from a health inclusion group (specifically: traveller communities, homeless people).
    • Early diagnosis of disease where early intervention can impact the outcome for patients.
    • Pro-active personalised care.

Innovations joining the NIA need to meet the following criteria:

  • Address one or more of the Call Themes.
  • Address a clear need for patients or the health care system – in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or long-term management of a health care condition.
  • Have demonstrated in practice, not theoretically or hypothetically, significantly greater quality outcomes (including clinical outcomes, experience and safety) for significantly lower cost.
  • Openness to addressing health inequalities. The programme will encourage Fellows to consider how accessible their innovation is for people from different socio-economic backgrounds and for those with protected characteristics. The programme will encourage all innovators to step into promoting health equity with their approach.
  • Are at the correct phase of maturity – applicants need to demonstrate that their innovation is already in use in a health or care system, has been developed with the extensive involvement of users, is supported by a robust evidence base, and is ready to be used more widely across the NHS. Please refer to Figure 1 for stage of innovation.
  • Are financially sustainable and have appropriate intellectual property in place.
  • Have satisfied all necessary regulatory and ethical frameworks for use in England.
  • Are interoperable with core NHS systems if a digital or digitally enabled innovation. A sustainable health and care system is achieved by delivering high quality care and improved public health without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage.

Application Deadline: 10 Oct 2021

To apply visit here

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