NEAR India Accelerator: Get up to $200k in funding!

NEAR India Accelerator: Get up to $200k in funding!

NEAR India Accelerator is looking for startups with

  • A novel idea that solves a real-world problem;
  • A relevant blockchain usecase;
  • A purpose-driven team;
  • Are building projects that are past the POC stage.

What is NEAR India Accelerator?

The NEAR India Accelerator is a platform that opens up innovators in the blockchain space to opportunities, expert mentorship, technical support, and funding.

As a high performance blockchain that operates on proof-of-stake and is sharded, NEAR Protocol comes with an authority of helping developers and startups push the limits of using blockchain technology. Together with Lumos Labs – an innovation management startup, the NEAR India Accelerator is here to help startups who want to make it in the blockchain space build impactful products and find their footing in the blockchain space.


  • Upto $200,000 USD in funding (t&c apply);
  • Mentorship from champions in the startup and blockchain space;
  • Go-to-market support with access to the NEAR ecosystem;
  • Technical support to integrate with NEAR Protocol;
  • Marketing and PR support.

Accelerator Roadmap

  • 3 May- Launch;
  • 13 May- Meetup 1;
  • 28 May- Meetup 2;
  • 4 June- Meetup 3;
  • 20 June- Closure of Registrations;
  • 28 June – 11 July- Bootcamp;
  • 16 July- Startup selection;
  • TBD*- Startup selection;
  • TBD*- Demo Day;
  • TBD*- Acceleration.

To apply visit here

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