Opportunity for Indian SMEs: Grants of up to £15,000

Opportunity for Indian SMEs: Grants of up to £15,000

Here is a wonderful opportunity for Indian SMEs. British Council India is inviting collaborative proposals from craft-based organizations (collectives, institutes, social enterprise/NGOs, and private entities) based in India and the UK for the Crafting Futures India-UK Collaboration Scheme.

Crafting Futures is a global program that aims for a sustainable future for craft by understanding its value in our history, culture, and the world today. This year, due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the focus will be on finding virtual and other new, hybrid ways of working towards a roadmap for recovery for the craft sector.

The collaboration scheme will enable Indian and UK partners to co-develop and collaborate on projects exploring the following questions:

  • What are new ecosystems for craft? How can traditional skills, contemporary design and enterprise come together to create new systems?
  • How can craft be a route to women’s empowerment and leadership?
  • How can craft address global environmental challenges?
  • How can craft tourism ensure craft is widely appreciated?
  • What possibilities does digital technology bring to craft? 

Your projects will need to be delivered in India between Jan 2022 and December 2022. The grant will be disbursed to the lead applicant based in India. They are looking for projects that explore a hybrid way of working between digital and face-to-face with a larger emphasis on digital engagements. Scope for travel and physical engagements should be considered within the COVID-19 protocol of the place of delivery.

Available Funding

  • They will award a total of three grants of up to £15,000 each.
  • All three grants will be awarded to projects highlighting collaborations between India and the UK. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The collaboration grant is open to craft collectives, organisations, institutions, NGOs, social enterprises or companies, or any recognised body with an interest in and knowledge of crafts. Examples of organisations that can apply:
    • Private consortiums, partnerships, collectives, companies;
    • Associations/Cooperatives/Unions of artisans/Craft Council;
    • Government bodies/Ministry;
    • Indian SMEs or independent organisations in the craft sector;
    • Universities, educational institutes and technical or vocational schools with art or design specialisations;
    • NGOs/Non-Profits/Charities;
    • Museums or other cultural heritage bodies;
    • Media platforms (traditional and/or digital). 
  • The lead collaborator must be based in India. The lead collaborator will submit the application, will be contracted and responsible for leading communications and disseminating the grant to all collaborators.
  • The funding must be split between the collaborators to reflect the levels of engagement by both partners. [Suggested splits: (70/30), (60/40) with a higher percentage going towards project development on-ground in India].
  • It is crucial that applicants evidence mutuality, true collaboration, and a focus on the programme being delivered mutually across India with equal involvement and inputs by both partners rather than one of the collaborators being the lead expert.
  • Applications must be a partnership between at least one UK collaborator and one (or more) collaborator(s) based in India.

Application Deadline: 31st October 2021

To apply visit here

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