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Opportunity for Startups: The Circulars Accelerator

Here’s an opportunity for startups! Launched in 2021, The Circulars Accelerator evolved from The Circulars Awards program, which recognized individuals and organizations championing the circular economy agenda, to an accelerator program supporting and scaling disruptive innovation.

What is it?

A six-month program connecting innovators and entrepreneurs with cross-industry leaders and circular experts. The program provides expert mentorship and targeted business advice, supporting innovators to rethink their propositions and scale-up their circular solutions.

Focus Areas

  • Recovering Value: The ‘Recovering Value’ focus area recognizes innovators who are seeking to alter the current processes around waste with solutions that aim to recover embedded value from unwanted, idle, damaged or products that are no longer fit for purpose.
  • Innovating Products & Production: The ‘Innovating Products’ focus area recognizes products and packaging solutions that are being designed and developed with circularity in mind, using materials and processes that restore and replenish our planet’s resources.
  • Transforming Consumption: The ‘Transforming Consumption’ focus area recognizes solutions that are shifting the ways in which they produce and consume products and services. These organizations are disrupting the ‘take-make-dispose’ approach by focusing business models on solutions that are more sustainable and equitable for everyone.

Who should apply?

  • They enrol a cohort of early to growth stage innovators in need of specialized, tailored support to accelerate their journey to scale.

Why The Circulars Accelerator?

  • Building the circular economy requires disruptive innovative solutions that transform industries and value chains. Yet, individual companies bringing innovative solutions won’t deliver the change they need. Forging a path to a truly circular economy requires collaboration across the ecosystem.
  • Today, multinational organizations with increasingly complex supply chains and processes want to maintain a pulse on innovation. By contrast, entrepreneurs have the disruptive solutions to solve these challenges, but may lack the capital, resources or enabling networks to replicate and scale their solutions at pace. The Circulars Accelerator is solving this mismatch across the ecosystem, triggering new collaboration across multiple industries and value chains to explore, and overcome current circular challenges.

Why now?

  • They are at a critical juncture. Alongside the climate crisis, they face a complex matrix of environmental and socio-economic challenges. With less than a decade to deliver on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, leaders must act for impact now.
  • A step change is needed. With the circular economy they have an opportunity to transform these challenges to opportunities, reinventing the ways they produce and consume to ‘build back better’. Transitioning to a circular economic model is critical to reducing environmental degradation, whilst also delivering on future competitiveness presenting a unique market opportunity upwards of $4.5 trillion by 2030. By embracing the circular agenda, they can create a healthier, more equitable, thriving ecosystem that circulates value for all through the economy and society.

Why apply?

Innovators selected to participate in The Circulars Accelerator receive deep expertise through the key program elements below, supporting them to overcome business challenges and barriers to scale:

  • Workshops: Strategic, business, and circular expertise delivered in a series of workshops and coaching modules.
  • Mentoring: A select number of 1:1 session with a variety of experts to explore key barriers to scale.
  • Networking & Events: Invitation to key circular economy events, facilitating networking opportunities.
  • Investor Engagement: Touchpoints with investor community during program and at the Innovation Showcase.
  • Accelerator Team Support: Ongoing support from Accelerator Team to guide overall engagement and help shape opportunities.

Applications Close: Nov 1, 2021.

To apply, visit here

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