Start-Up Initiative to Identify, Invest and Nurture Start-Ups

Start-Up Initiative to Identify, Invest and Nurture Start-Ups

Start-Up initiative has been launched by the Government of India. It intends to build a strong eco-system for nurturing Innovation and Start-Ups in the Country, to derive sustainable economic growth and generate employment opportunities. Government policies are also encouraging Start-Ups by providing fiscal incentives.

GAIL intends to take-up investment in Start-Ups to give a boost to the Government’s efforts and also to derive long-term benefits.

Their Mission for Start-Up Initiative is to Identify, Invest and Nurture Start-Ups that can become successful companies in the long run and provide profitable returns from this diversification.

GAIL had launched its ambitious Start-Up initiative ‘Pankh’ in July’ 2017 to invest in promising Start-ups. GAIL has made investments in 28 Start-Ups operating in various Areas.

Focus Areas of Start-Up initiative

GAIL plans to invest in Start-Ups operating in the focus areas. A new Round has been opened by GAIL for Solicitation of Investment Proposals from Start-Ups operating specifically in the Focus Areas, which mainly includes:

  • Natural gas, petrochemicals ,energy, project management, bio-manure marketing, Nano materials, IoT, data mining, environment, health and social . The Start-Ups that are interested in equity investment from GAIL can apply on our website GAIL’s equity investment will be limited to 20% of the total equity of the Start-Up

Proposals are now solicited from Start-Ups operating in the Focus Areas.

  • GAIL would look at the following criteria while evaluating the Investment Proposals of Start-Ups:
  • Experience of Founders in focus areas or its related business.
  • Stage of Start-Up.
  • Brief Synopsis of Proposal & Product / Services to be offered and targeted Customers.
  • Details of existing business / infrastructure.
  • Plans for business scale-up.
  • Funding from Incubation Centre, if any.
  • Current Valuation of the Company.
  • Details on Innovative / Unique features/propositions.
  • Market Size of Business.
  • Details of technical feasibility.
  • Details of business feasibility.
  • Details of risk anticipated for the proposed proposal.
  • Estimated project cost.
  • Investment amount sought from GAIL and the % Equity stake offered to GAIL.

Selection Process

Selection of Start-Up Proposal shall be a 4-Stage Process:

  • Eligibility Screening;
  • Shortlisting;
  • Evaluation;
  • Approval.

Application Closes: 30th May 2021

To apply visit here

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