Starter Business Acceleration: Applications Now Open

Starter Business Acceleration: Applications Now Open

Starter Business Acceleration is now open to applications. Starter is bringing innovation to the energy industry. The best startups are the ones leading it. The top energy utilities are the ones enabling it.

Starter was created for Startups and SMEs working in the energy industry or with solutions that can be applied in it.

With pilot projects development as the main focus, the 2021 edition of the program connects participants with different business units and technology experts from EDP and EDP Renewables in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and USA.

In the previous Edition, Starter attracted over 800 startups from 74 countries. Throughout the program, more than 40 pilots have been discussed, scoped or kicked-off with more than 20 of the participant startups.

Startups participating in the program will be able to attend to the Global Module, exposing the most innovative startups to deal opportunities, in a direct and personal connection with the EDP partners.

Benefits of Starter Business Acceleration

  • 50.000€ prize for the winner and besides the award, the 10 startups selected for the Global Module will join EDP at the Web Summit 2021 and will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions in the largest tech conference in the world.
  • From the moment you apply, you are already out there, showing off to the right people.
  • For you, this is an opportunity to go global without a life of traveling.
    The selected startups will be in contact with experts from several areas of EDP, no matter the location.
  • You’ll have the chance to develop a pilot with a major energy utility: EDP has been around since 1976 a global energy company and a leader in value creation, innovation and sustainability.
  • A chance to test your solution in the energy sector in partnership with EDP (Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA).
  • Access to a wider pool of mentors and experts matched to your unique requirements.
  • Going global: the opportunity to grow your network within the global energy sector and the potential to be invested from the partners.
  • Input, feedback and insight into your product/ service and business.
  • Time to develop a relevant proof of concept with senior stakeholders.
  • Be evaluated by EDP Ventures to receive financial support and/or know-how for your startup.

Solutions they are looking for

Starter wants to tackle several challenges in the energy sector. Here are the solutions the program is looking for:

  • Client-Focused Solutions: E-mobility, decentralized energy systems or energy management systems, always with a solid digital layer to boost new business models and new revenue streams.
  • Digital Innovation: Focusing on data collecting, extracting value from it, maintain it safe and leveraging on cloud computational resources and other emerging technologies.
  • Energy Storage: Design and optimization tools for energy storage integration, preventive and predictive analytics for energy storage technologies, management of systems and platforms for energy storage and DER integration, energy storage solutions for behind-the-meter residential and C&I, solutions for electrical vehicles.
  • Clean Energy: New renewable energy technologies, new retrofitting technologies to improve renewable energy generation assets’ performance, solutions to improve energy generation operations & maintenance and asset management, new business models for the energy sector.
  • Smart Grids: Improving the infrastructures technical and economic efficiency, keeping the distribution grid up to date with the sector’s emerging needs.
  • Impact Innovation: They’re looking for impact, access to energy and other solutions that can help improve communities’ quality of life and have a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Innovative Internal Processes: Support in the areas such as: finance, legal, management, human resources, marketing and others, impacting workflows, deal flows and similar.

The deadline to apply for this program is May 24.

Visit the official site here

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