Seed-Start grants to provide financial support for early-stage startups

Startup Fund of up to $25,000 for early-stage startups

Twice a year, with funding from the County of Bucks, the Bucks Built Startup Fund invests up to $25,000 each in five early-stage startups. Through 12 months of iterative advising, resources, programming, and connections, we help them level up for their market and future investment.

Benefits of Startup Fund

  • Investment
    • Up to $25,000 to help fund their business and cover expenses.
    • The investment is provided as convertible note (i.e., short-term debt that converts into equity).
  • Customized Support
    • Curated mentor match.
    • Pitch coaching and practice sessions.
    • Focused advising for market traction and top-line growth.
    • Ongoing and on-call advising from the Bucks Built advisors.
    • Priority to present at weekly Founder’s 30 forums.
    • Introductions to follow-on investors, funding sources, and partner opportunities.
  • Resources
    • Operations and tech stack audit and framework from Coherent Ways.
    • Free access to workspace and meeting rooms at Stacks Co.  in Doylestown, ic@3401 in Philadelphia, and Nomadworks in Manhattan.
    • Introductions to trusted services like accounting, legal, insurance, marketing, etc.
    • Community of early-stage and experienced founders.

Eligibility Criteria

The stage and industry of qualified startups can vary, but they must meet the following basic criteria for Startup Fund:

  • Innovative and designing to scale. 
  • No more than 5 employees.
  • Currently incorporated entity (e.g., LLC, C-corp, etc.)
  • And at least one of the following within 12 months of funding: 
    • Owner residing or planning to reside in Bucks County.
    • Operating in or planning to operate in Bucks County.
    • Committed to hiring in Bucks County.
  • Companies do not need to be incorporated in Pennsylvania or based in Bucks County to apply.

Screening Process

Interested startups apply through a free, two-step process.

First, they’ll complete an online form that details their company’s offerings and goals. Then they’ll invite the top applicants to move on to the second (and final) round, during which they’ll submit more detailed business documentation and, with support from the Bucks Built team, will prepare to pitch to the Screening Panel.

All applicants, whether or not they advance, receive specific feedback on their applications and an opportunity to discuss further with the Bucks Built team.

Applications Close: June 30.

To apply visit here

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