The Foundry accelerator: A no equity, no-nonsense program!

The Foundry accelerator: A no equity, no-nonsense program!

The Foundry accelerator is a no equity, no nonsense accelerator programme designed to engineer you a deal with some of Wales’ biggest companies. Apply now for lifelong access to an ecosystem of engaged partners, tangible perks, and game-changing possibilities.

Who Should Apply?

You should already have a working solution, ideally at least seed funding (although maybe we can help you with that), and now you’re ready to scale your business. While the programme is open to all FinTechs regardless of vertical, location or technology, we especially want to hear from those working on the following:

  • Future of Mobility: Societal sustainability, alternative transport, electric & autonomous vehicles. Do you have ideas that can help Wales get from A to B better?
  • Future of Work: From SME’s to gig economies, covid has changed the 9-5 forever. Can you efficiently automate or upskill the future workforce of Wales?
  • Live to 101: Longer lives have larger implications and you’ve aged just reading this. How can you support the health and wealth of the nation as we age?
  • Money Management For All: Do you have ingenious ideas that look after the pennies that look after the pounds that look after Welsh pockets?

Not Your Typical Accelerator Programme

The FinTech Wales Foundry operates as a non-profit. That means they don’t ask for any equity in the companies they accelerate, nor do they take a cut in any of the deals they facilitate. If you are selected to join, it’s because one of their partners has chosen you to work with them on building a proof of concept together. To support you throughout the process the Foundry offers:

  • Credits from the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, Stripe, IBM and more,
  • Bespoke introductions to curated networks of VCs, mentors and CEOs,
  • Free access to workspaces across Wales and around the UK,
  • And much more to be announced over the following weeks.

In addition to a plethora of perks and access to an entire ecosystem of talent, they also make a promise – not to waste your time. Their programme is designed for dedicated founders who understand an accelerators value add and how to extract it.

Application closes June 7th

To Apply visit here

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