Victoria Small Business Grant: Small-Scale and Craft Program

Victoria Small Business Grant: Small-Scale and Craft Program

Victoria Small Business Grant program has been announced. The Small-Scale and Craft Program targets businesses looking to:

  • Scale-up operations
  • Diversify product lines
  • Expand outreach.

Stream Three focuses on creating unique visitor or ongoing tourism experiences that involve and are directly linked to multiple small-scale and craft agribusinesses.

What will be funded under Victoria Small Business Grant?

Grants of $25,000 to $100,000 are available to eligible small-scale and craft agribusinesses for projects that:

  • Create cohesive visitor experiences that showcase Victoria’s premium small-scale and craft products and have the potential to become an ongoing tourist attraction;
  • Develop new agri-visitor experiences across Victoria;
  • Ensure Victoria continues to be a leader in artisanal produce, showcasing the sector’s excellence, resilience, sustainability and local job creation;
  • Create opportunities for communities and visitors to engage with the unique small-scale and craft sector;
  • Increase understanding of and customer connection with Victoria’s small-scale agribusinesses.

Who is not eligible?

  • Government departments or agencies, unincorporated associations, franchisees and subsidiaries of larger companies
  • Local councils
  • Individuals and businesses operating in the wine sector cannot be the lead applicant or main beneficiary of the project
  • Applicants that have applied for another state government grant for the same project.

What is not eligible?

  • Ongoing operating expenses or other ‘business as usual’ expenses (including utility costs; advertising and social media; operational wage-related costs; online costs – such as internet connectivity, website domain names and hosting; e-commerce platforms)
  • Fees associated with permits for planning or annual certification
  • Public liability and other insurances
  • Costs associated with applying for government grants and funding programs
  • Purchase of land, ongoing operating/administrative costs, business start-up costs
  • Telecommunication service improvement or road upgrades
  • Training or tertiary courses
  • Travel, flight and accommodation costs
  • Grants will not be provided for retrospective activities or equipment (activities that have occurred or equipment purchased prior to the executed Grant Agreement).

Applications Deadline: 19 November 2021

To apply visit here

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